Hello soul friend, my name is Sadie.


I’m a shiftologist & medium.

I created a brain re-patterning, sound healing tool called Affirmism to support shifting our deeply imbedded belief structures and subconscious thought patterns. I mentor and guide highly sensitive women through this process who feel drained, ungrounded, and stuck shift their inner dialogue and re-orient their relationship to self, others, and God Spirit to feel loved, worthy, empowered, and free. I’m really passionate about bridging the gap between psychology and spirituality helping women live life TRUE to themselves.

My magic is in my approach to mindset medicine and energy management to ignite human + soul potential through mind-body connection techniques for self-empowerment, healing, and spiritual growth. I work with women to cultivate a healthy internal emotional environment, to balance areas of the mind, shift self-critical, self-sabotaging thought patterns through binaural beats and the theta state of consciousness, rewire the brain, and create expanded awareness, trust, and confidence in viewing life differently. I love sharing my perspective of life to encourage ease, love, support, kindness, and abundance.

Working with me is like getting a dose of love, truth and reality mixed with some cool energy and spirit stuff to live powerfully + true + aligned with yourself.

My areas of focus: Binaural beat sound healing + Brain entrainment/Theta state of consciousness + Energy wisdom & management + Spiritual psychoanalysis

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Bridging the gap

Bridge the gap between your physical & spiritual self.